17 June 2014

New Sally Hansen Color Foil Swatches and Review

Sally Hansen Color Foil Swatches and Review

I'm so excited to post my swatches for the new Sally Hansen Color Foil line! When OPI's Push and Shove proved so popular, I had high hopes that other brands would jump on the super-reflective chrome train. Never in my wildest dreams did I think Sally Hansen would release TEN new shades in a line that mirrors (hurhur) their old Chrome Nail Makeup line. I'm so excited, since the old line was a little before my time. I looked high and low and bought all ten immediately the second I saw them!

I have to add the disclaimer that for all of these swatches I used neither base coat nor top coat (alters the reflective finish). The trouble with chromes is that they show every flaw, so in reality a ridge-filling or nail smoothing base coat would be ideal. You have to wait until those are absolutely dry in order for those to work, and swatching is already quite time consuming. I'm not personally bothered to let you guys know that my nails are (gasp!) not perfectly smooth, and I think this gives you a good idea as to how these work without having to baby them. I'm still really happy with how reflective and non-brush strokey these apply. Check out The KarenD's post to see swatches with smoothing base coats and comparisons to vintage chromes!

Generally, I found the formula of these to be pretty excellent. Almost all of them could have been one coaters, but I did two for added smoothness. They dry super quickly, so not being able to use top coat isn't a drawback. The bottles aren't clear, but wrapped in a matching metallic foil, and for the most part are very accurate. One thing I will say is that I needed to shake these bad boys pretty good to get them evenly pigmented. I've only had to power-shake them the first time I used them, subsequent applications only needed some normal mixing.

Anyway. Enough blather! Onto swatches!

Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome swatch

Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome is a bright blue chrome with a hint of a turquoise.

Sally Hansen Sterling Silver swatch

Sally Hansen Sterling Silver is a bright silver chrome.

Sally Hansen Pink Platinum swatch

Sally Hansen Pink Platinum is a bright blue toned pink chrome.

Sally Hansen Leaden Lilac swatch

Sally Hansen Leaden Lilac is a cornflower blue chrome.

Sally Hansen Yellow Gold swatch

Sally Hansen Yellow Gold is an almost olive leaning gold chrome.

Sally Hansen Liquid Gold swatch

Sally Hansen Liquid Gold is a warm gold chrome. This is far less brassy than Yellow Gold.

Sally Hansen Purple Alloy swatch

Sally Hansen Purple Alloy is a medium purple chrome.

Sally Hansen Minted Metal swatch

Sally Hansen Minted Metal is a muted mint green chrome. I wish this had been a bit more yellow and true to the bottle shade.

Sally Hansen Rose Copper swatch

Sally Hansen Rose Copper is a pale rose gold chrome.

Sally Hansen Titanium Flush swatch

Sally Hansen Titanium Flush is a vivid fuchsia chrome.


  1. Wow! I'm a little overwhelmed by the color variety. Did you keep them on long enough to learn how quickly they chip?

  2. very cool :)


  3. Your swatches would be 100% better (they're already top notch) if you'd employ a less intrusive water mark. I get that pix turn up undocumented without permission. But I prefer the aesthetics of your nail art watermarks.

  4. Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome is perfect!

  5. How do these compare to the chrome powder applied with gel polish?

  6. How do these compare to the chrome powder applied with gel polish?


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