17 February 2014

New Core Finger Paints Swatches & Comparisons

New Core Finger Paints Swatches & Comparisons

Well this post took a while! I went crazy with the Finger Paints BOGO, and picked up 8 of the new core shades for Finger Paints, available only at Sally Beauty stores. I think they've made some fun new additions! Textures, a holographic, and plenty of other lovely shades.

Finger Paints Hammered Terra Cotta swatch

Finger Paints Hammered Terra Cotta is a copper texture with lots of gold and pink sparkle. I really do love this, but I wish there was something indicating that this was a texture! This is two coats

Finger Paints Hammered Terra Cotta top coat

And with top coat! Lovely. 

Oh, and I wanted to try something new, here is a Vine to show how freaking sparkly this thing is!

Finger Paints Rockin' Renaissance

 Finger Paints Rockin' Renaissance is a plum texture with tons of gold shimmer. Again, lovely shade, but wish I had known. I wonder if there are even more textures among the new core shades. This is two coats.

Finger Paints Rockin' Renaissance top coat

And shiny!

And a vine of this one, too!

Finger Paints Copy Cat swatch

Finger Paints Copy Cat is a mix of silver hex glitters in a base jam packed with golden shimmer. Three coats, here. I suspected this was close to some polishes we've seen recently....

Finger Paints Copy Cat vs Essie Hors D'oeuvres comparison

And I was right! Copy Cat is a very apt name for this shade! You can see that this is a pretty exact dupe for Essie Hors d'oeuvres from the recent Winter collection.

Finger Paints Go Baroque swatch

Finger Paints Go Baroque is a mix of pink hex glitter in a golden shimmery base. This is along the same lines as Copy Cat, just with a different color glitter. Three coats. Again, it seemed familiar...

Finger Paints Go Baroque Maybelline Gilded Rose Comparison

Here it is compared with Maybelline Gilded rose from the Brocade collection. For those who never were able to spot this collection, this is basically an exact dupe.

Finger Paints Palette of Perfection swatch

Finger Paints Palette of Perfection is a beautiful red and gold shimmer. I love a red polish, and this is stunning! The gold is super sparkly. Two coats.

Finger Paints Titian Tint swatch

Finger Paints Titian Tint a pale, rosy copper foil. I can't resist a foil, what can I say? This is two coats.

Finger Paints Surreal Sunset swatch

Finger Paints Surreal Sunset is a duochrome shimmer that shifts from burgundy to deep amber. I love shades like this! Such a chameleon, this is three coats. This is very reminiscent of an old favorite...

Finger Paints Surreal Sunset Orly Space Cadet Comparison

Compared with Orly Space Cadet, I'm a bit happy to report while very similar, not quite a dupe. Space Cadet's main difference is its base, which is a blue-green that gives the shade a purplish hue. Surreal Sunset, on the other hand has a a rusty brown base, which gives it a warmer tone. For those who missed out on Space Cadet and it's friend, this would be a pretty decent substitution.

Finger Paints Chromatic Creation swatch

Finger Paints Chromatic Creation is a somewhat weak silver linear holographic polish. I don't have a ton a holo in my collection, so I was excited to see a mainstream brand add one to its core collection! As far as the holo-ness, this is not super strong, but still visibly linear. It's comparable to some of the China Glaze Hologlaze collection.

Finger Paints Chromatic Creation China Glaze Hologram Don't Be A Luna-Tic Urban Outfitters Silver Holo

Here is a comparison to show how it fares against some other fairly mainstream holos. Obviously more linear, compared to Hologram, from the disappointing Tronica collection. Side by side with Don't Be A Luna-tic, you can see it's about the same in terms of holo-ness. So if you weren't really impressed with those (I liked them just fine!), you might want to skip Chromatic Creation. Urban Outfitters Silver Holo, the one on my pinky, it just crazy. I added it mostly to show just how holo holo can get. Anyway, that was a lot of words, but overall I think this a is great addition to the line.


  1. Oh my god I wish you hadn't shown me this... I need all of them!!!

    1. Lol, sorry! I need other to share my obsession!

  2. I need Finger Paints Surreal Sunset!

  3. That Chromatic Creation is really pretty :)

    1. I'm so pumped that people will have easy access to a holo. Finally!

  4. I had been looking for swatches of Surreal Sunset! I just got it not too long ago and I haven't used it yet. Lovely.

    1. Oooh, get on that! So beautiful.

  5. Wow, this post is Amazing! I officially want all of these, thanks XD Seriously though, this is an amazingly high effort post and I really appreciate all the time you took to show angles and comparisons. Looks like I'm about to get my first Finger Paints :D

    1. Thank you so much! I really think this brand is underrated, I hope you love whatever ones you pick out!

  6. I got all of the same ones ! Palette of Perfection is a pretty close dupe of the Hunger Games Inferno ! At least it looks like it to me. ( I swatched them on a wheel)

    I really love the textured ones but DAMN - Finger Paints is the worst offender in not labeling them. Remember the entire collection a few months ago that was textured and zero mention on the display ?

    Thanks for all the swatches !

    1. I love texture, and I wish they'd label them. I can't imagine how disappointing it must be for people who don't like texture to inadvertently buy a bunch of polishes they hate!

  7. These are very pretty! I usually do not like textured polishes, but Hammered Terra Cotta is gorgeous! I also like the idea of using a Vine to demonstrate shimmer. Very nice :)


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