09 July 2013

Limited Edition Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Collection Swatches and Comparisons! (Summer 2013)

When I heard there were new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes out for Summer, I practically ran to my nearest Rite-Aid! Xtreme Wear is one of my favorite drug store brands; super cheap, fun colors, and I love the brush! There hasn't been a limited edition collection of these guys in quite awhile, what with Sally Hansen rushing to jump on the texture trend, among other things. I was a bit afraid that perhaps they were thinking about discontinuing the line (Please, Sally! Don't do it!). Yay for me being wrong! Anyway, that's enough blabber, onto swatches!

Sally Hansen Berry Juicy swatch

Sally Hansen Berry Juicy is a pale, baby pink creme. Two coats, the first is a bit streaky but it totally levels out by the second coat. Love this one!

Sally Hansen Berry Juicy vs China Glaze Something Sweet

Also exciting is that Berry Juicy is a near dupe for China Glaze Something Sweet (Up and Away collection, Summer 2009)! It's just a bit lighter and slightly starker/brighter. 

Sally Hansen Blueberry Blaze swatch

Sally Hansen Blueberry Blaze is a bright cobalt blue shimmer. This was such a disappointment! The color is gorgeous, that same bright blue so many brands have been releasing, but ugh, the forumla! The polish manages to be both thin and gloopy at the same time. It's Streak City, USA too. Also, began to bubble quite a bit. Gross. Took four coats to get it looking decent. Too bad.

Sally Hansen Blueberry Blaze vs China Glaze Frostbite vs Sinful Endless Blue

Here is a Blueberry Blast comparison with some other (and much better!) cobalts. The closest is China Glaze Frostbite, a classic and favorite. NYC Pier 17 is also close, but too purple. Sally Hansen Co-Bolt Blue is too dark. Obviously, Sinful Colors Endless Blue isn't a dupe since it's shimmery, but I think it illustrates the super bright blue.

Sally Hansen Pinch of Punch swatch

Sally Hansen Pinch of Punch is a blue-leaning, slightly dusty pink creme. Two coats.

Sally Hansen Pinch of Punch vs Orly Preamp vs. Ulta Vintage Violet

Here is Pinch of Punch compared with Ulta Vintage Violet (too pale/dusty) and Orly Preamp (close, but not a creme) .I'm not a huge pink fan, but this reminds me so much of Essie Splash of Grenadine, a polish I do not own but have been picking up and putting back for years now. Maybe this will ease the lemming? Nahhhh.

Sally Hansen Perfect Pear-ing is a bright honey dew green creme. This is a bit more vivid than it's showing up in the picture.Two coats.

I feel like I've been buying this color so much this recently, but I swear every one is different! I thought for sure Perfect Pear-ing would be a dupe for Sinful Pistache, but it's too green! China Glaze Highlight of My Summer is too pale and far more vivid. Oh well, I'm not too sad about having eighty different shades of this color!

Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini swatch

Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini is a green leaning turquoise creme. So pretty! Two coats.

Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini comparison

I love this shade of blue-green, and I knew I had similar polishes, but I'm happy to see they are not dupes. Sinful Colors Rise and Shine is almost dead on in base color, but has a subtle aqua shimmer.  China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise is too bright and also too shimmery. China Glaze Four Leaf Clover is close, but a touch too green.

Sally Hansen Lemon Zest swatch

Sally Hansen Lemon Zest is a bright yellow shimmer. This is pretty good as far as yellows go forumla-wise, three painless coats. I'm not totally sold on the shade though, almost leans green in some light and the almost frosty shimmer isn't my thing.

The closest thing I have to Lemon Zest is Sinful Let's Meet, which is far more sheer. China Glaze Solar Power is less shimmery and a leans more orange. China Glaze Happy Go Lucky is too bright and obviously, a creme.

Sally Hansen Razz-Berry swatch

Sally Hansen Razz-Berry is a perfectly mid-toned Barbie pink. Remember how I said I wasn't a huge pink fan? I honestly had nothing like this. I was shocked, this is the most cliche, stereotypical shade of pink, and somehow I actually had nothing like this. It's a great one to have, however. It's almost a one coater, and had the best formula out of the whole bunch.

Sally Hansen Ice Pop swatch

Sally Hansen Ice Pop swatch

Sally Hansen Ice Pop swatch

Sally Hansen Ice Pop swatch

Sally Hansen Ice Pop is mix of iridescent glitter and opalescent shimmer in clear base. I honestly didn't expect much from this polish, thinking it would be just another glittery top coat, and I was pleasantly surprised. So pretty and deceptively colorful, it's like the universe on my nails! One coat layered over Wet N Wild Black Creme.

Sally Hansen Pink-Grape Fruit swatch

Sally Hansen Pink-Grape Fruit is a purple and pink shimmery top coat. I hate the name of this polish (what a weird hyphen!), but the shade itself makes up for it! I could have sworn I took way more pictures of this guy, but the one above was the only non-blurry one of the three I could find on my camera. Too bad, but I'm sure I'll want to layer this over everything for the next month. One coat layered over Wet N Wild Black Cream.

Sally Hansen Peach Beach swatch

Sally Hansen Peach Beach is a coral pink cream. I love this shade, pinks have to lean coral for me to really be drawn to them. Two coats.

Sally Hansen Peach Beach comparison

Always excited to add a coral to my collection! No dupes here, but I do seem to have some of the makings for an ombre manicure here...The closest I have to this is either NYC Peaches 'N Cream and China Glaze Surreal Appeal, but they lean too orange or too pink respectively. Sally Hansen Coral Reef is my all time fave coral, and it's too dark. Sinful Orange Cream is too pale and too orange.


  1. Nooooo I must buy these! My sister would love Berry Juicy and Perfect Pear-ing is for me! I think I'll love Ice Pop too.

    1. Ice Pop is pretty great! I hope you love them!

  2. Gorgeous collection! I've got my eye on Perfect Pear-ing and Kiwi Bikini.

    1. I can't get enough green, these two made me most excited!

  3. Thanks for doing these swatches! I haven't seen anybody do such a comprehensive review and comparison of these polishes. Kiwi Bikini looks like it might be very similar to Essie's Naughty Nautical.

    1. The color is close but Naughty Nautical is a shimmer. I'm more of a creme person so it's Kiwi Bikini for me :p

  4. Very nice. I've purchased them all. Thx for showing me how to wear them.


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