10 May 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Collection Swatches (Summer 2013)

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Collection bottle shot

I was so excited when I heard that Sally Hansen was coming out with the Fuzzy Coat collection, a dupe for the Nails Inc. Feathers Collection. I love me a gimmick, but not one that expensive! I know this matte bar glitter trend isn't for everyone, but I thought the idea was fun and different.  I found six of the eight shades in the Fuzzy Coat collection at Target last night. I can't remember if there just weren't slots in the display for the other two, or if those two were sold out. The ones that are missing are Tight Knit (a dupe for Nails Inc Cornwall) and All Yarned Up. I'll keep my eyes peeled for those!  ***Edit***Found the remaining two at Walgreens and have updated the post with those swatches as well as a comparison of Tight Knit to Cornwall! Look at the bottom of this post! Also, you may want to check out my silly nail art featuring these!

The formula on these, to be completely honest, is a pain in the ass. I wish there was a bit less of the clear base in relation to the glitter. I didn't expect any better, though. I eventually developed a "technique" to apply them, which is to dab a bit of the glitter on the nail, scrape off the brush, and then use the dry brush to spread the glitter around. Not elegant, but it helped. They were also not fun to remove. The foil method works like any glitter, but at least with regular, metallic glitter, it's kind of a pretty mess. The matte bar glitter just kind of looks creepy when it's left behind.

Swatches after the cut!

Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea swatch

Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea features turquoise and yellow bar glitter in a clear base. Two coats. I think this one may be a dupe for Nails Inc Brighton. Scratch that, it basically is one. Check out KarenD's post for bottle shots and swatch comparisons.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Fantasy swatch

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Fantasy features lime green and white bar glitter in a clear base. This one had the thinnest formula, and I tied to make up for it with an extra coat. Three coats.

Sally Hansen Peach Fuzz swatch

Sally Hansen Peach Fuzz features orange and yellow bar glitter in a clear base. This one is my favorite  It reminds me of a Dr. Seuss character.

Sally Hansen Tweedy swatch

 Sally Hansen Tweedy is a mix of black and white bar glitter in a clear base. It had the best formula of the bunch, and is probably the most wearable. Kinda reminds me of TV static, but Tweedy is a cute and apt name! I guess TV static may go the way of rotary phones soon...two coats.

Sally Hansen Wool Knot swatch

Sally Hansen Wool Knot is a mix of bright blue and white bar glitter in a clear base. This one wasn't quite as bad as the others, I almost got it opaque in two coats.

Sally Hansen Wool Lite swatch

Sally Hansen Wool Lite is the odd man out, as it only feature ones shade of pale pink bar glitter in a clear base. This one kind of feels like fuzzy pink angora sweater (a la Johnny Depp in Ed wood?). Two coats.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coats Skittle

I will probably never wear these guys alone, so I figured I'd try them out over some base colors and show what they look like.

Pointer is Fantasy Fuzz over China Glaze Four Leaf Clover
Middle is Tweedy over Sally Hansen Dune
Ring is Fuzz-Sea over China Glaze Peachy Keen
Pinkie is Peach Fuzz over China Glaze For Audrey
Thumb is Wool Knot over Sally Hansen Butterscotch.


Sally Hansen All Yarned Up swatch

Sally Hansen All Yarned Up is probably my favorite of the new collection, with such a lovely mix of patel peach, blue, and yellow matte bar glitter. The colors are so sweet and summery. I need to find the perfect base color for this one. This is two coats.

Sally Hansen Tight Knit swatch

Sally Hansen Tight Knit is a really fun one, with a mix of primary blue and white bar glitter. I think this one is super versatile considering how weird the concept is. This over red would be great for the 4th of July manicures, or if your school colors happen to fit this. My high school did!

Sally Hansen Tight Knit vs Nails Inc. Cornwall bottle shot

Sally Hansen Tight Knit vs Nails Inc. Cornwall comparison

What's even better about Tight Knit is that is it definitely a dupe for Nails Inc. Cornwall, as I suspected. The only difference I could tell was that Cornwall was a tish bit more opaque on the second coat. For comparison, my pointer is one coat of Cornwall, middle is two coats of Tight Knit, and ring is two coats of Cornwall.


  1. Nice! I really like the black and white one.
    Good to know about the formula too, though I kinda figured it would probably be a pain in the butt LOL.
    I'm gonna have to look and see if my target has them in yet so I can give 'em a go. :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I wasn't too disappointed by the formula because I also expected as much, lol. Good luck on finding them! Let me know if it's just my silly Target that was missing the two others :).

  2. Can't wait for these to appear in New Zealand! Fuzz-Sea and Wool Lite are my favourites of the bunch =)

    1. Hope they get there soon! These are fun!

  3. Collection very beautiful! :) Love nail!



  4. Just discovered this new nail polish myself, been looking for someone with good swatches, thanks for posting the pics. My fave is all yarned up! You said you need to find a good base for it, try PURPLE! another blogger I found did a test idea over purple and OMG! Looks amazing! Looks Good enough to eat, reminds me of cupcakes.......you can see it here........... so good! Thanks for letting me have a look at the collection.


  5. Really, really nice! As a topcoat though, I don't like them as a single manicure. The colors are really cute.


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