28 April 2013

NOTD: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips: Heart Breaker

Sally Hansen Heart Breaker

As usual, my days off have been rainy and useless for polish swatching, RAWR! In an attempt to rectify this problem I spent all day trying to build a light box and...well... Suffice to say I've had my first taste of Pintrest inspired DIY failure, and aye, what a bitter pill it is.

Instead I decided to show you what I've been wearing this weekend: Sally Hansen Heart Breaker! This was my first experience using these so of course I had to buy the tackiest style available. Overall, I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised with this product! Application was a bit of an ordeal at first because I'm not the most dexterous person, but I pretty quickly got used to the process. They take a while to set and will irreparably wrinkle on you if you're not careful, but I have had minimal tearing in the 3 days I've been wearing them.

All in all, I really like these and think I will buy more styles of these in the future!


  1. These are so cute! Strips are so expensive though!

    1. They are! thankfully I think they last long enough to make it worth splurging every once in a while.


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