26 March 2013

LA Girls 3D Effects Swatches!

So I guess LA Girls in jumping on the Holographic bandwagon! I picked up a couple from their 3D Effects line the other day at Rite Aid, and while the display had some major false advertising in terms of these being linear holos like Laylas and Color Clubs, I was still taken aback by how pretty these are! They're essentially just jelly polishes jam packed with holographic micro glitter. But so pretty!

LA Girls Brilliant Blue swatch

LA Girls Brilliant Blue swatch

LA Girls Brilliant Blue looks like a gorgeous night sky!

LA Girls Black Illusion swatch

LA Girls Black Illusion looks like a dupe for Zoya Storm, so I'm pretty happy to snag it for half the price!

***Edit*** I couldn't help for go back for more of these babies. They are just too pretty, and the price is right!

LA Girls Sparkle Ruby swatch

LA Girls Sparkle Ruby is another dupe, this one for Zoya Blaze. Gorgeous berry red. This is the least holo of the ones I have.

LA Girls Purple Effect swatch

LA Girls Purple Effect is a dupe for Zoya Aurora. Soooo sparkly and pretty. I love purple anything, adding sparkles is just gravy. Sparkly gravy.

LA Girls Teal Dimension swatch

LA Girls Teal Dimension is ridiculously sparkly. Its everything I wanted China Glaze Atlantis to be. Super dense, I feel like this one has more depth than the others with teal micro flakies.

***Edit***Here are the rest of the swatches from this collection!

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