04 March 2013

Finger Paints Wild About Spring Spring 2013

My plan today was to check out Sally's for the new Orly collection, but instead I saw these guys from the Spring 2013 Finger Paints Wild About Spring Collection. The collection features three shimmer polishes and three flakies. These aren't iridescent like many flakies, but are instead just irregularly shaped reflective glitter.There was one other turquoise shade I didn't pick up. It seemed a bit dupey and didn't have the same shimmer as the other two non-flakie polishes. It was more of a frost. 

Spring 2013 Finger Paints Wild About Spring Collection bottle shots with rings

The thing that grabbed me were these ridiculous jeweled rings shaped like bugs and animals! The rings are pretty substantial, and I doubt I would ever wear them on my hand, but I love them! They're pretty flamboyant. Maybe I'll make them into necklaces? I'm almost tempted to get the turquoise just for the crazy ring. Anyhow. On to swatches!

Finger Paints I Spy-der swatch

First is Finger Paints I Spy-der, a Coral pink polish with blue iridescent shimmer. Pink is not my fave color so while I don't have anything like it, it probably isn't incredibly unique. It was pretty, interesting, and warm enough of a pink to sway me though. Formula could have been better, this took four fairly thick coats and waiting in between to get opaque. 

Finger Paints Itsy Bitsy Spider swatch

I got Finger Paints Itsy Bitsy Spider primarily because I have a sick obsession with trying (and failing) to recreate Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie, a polish I have never even seen in real life, let alone owned. This isn't a dupe, but it does allow to me to pretend. It's a dusty purple with aqua shimmer throughout, and it's super pretty. Love love love, even if it isn't Scrangie. This took three coats and was a bit finicky. 

Finger Paints Fishin' For Fun swatch

 Here is Isy Bitsy Spider topped with Finger Paints Fishin' For Fun, a mix of light pink and magenta irregular shreds of glitter. I certainly have nothing like this, or the other two glitters of the collection. I'm not totally sold on the outcome, but the idea of semi-ugly jagged glitter, especially in pink, appeals to me. But I like swampy greens and poopy browns, so what do I know. This didn't require too much of the "stab and dab" technique to get a good amount on the nail, which I appreciate.

Finger Paints Fishin' For Fun, Are You Hoppy, Owlin' at The Moon swatch

Okay, so maybe I should have done the last two swatches separately, but to be honest I hate glitter removal and I can be quite lazy. Oh well! Finger Paints Owlin' At The Moon (the only name I like in this collection) is on my pointer and ring. It features a single shade of  bright green shard glitter. Finger Paints Are You Hoppy, on my middle and pinkie, is the same idea except it is a single shade of light purple. Also on my thumb is Fishin for Fun. Just cause I thought it'd be pretty over the pink. 

Cute collection, I feel like Finger Paints is pretty underrated as a brand and wish they got more love.


  1. Thank you for posting this! I have been wondering about the rings and the polishes, they look really cool. Not so hot on the irregular glitters though, did you have to buy two of the FP polishes to get one ring? That's the sign I saw and my Sally's STILL tonight as of moments ago when I called, does NOT have the rings yet! It's great to see them in your awesome pics! Thanks again! ♥

    1. I'm glad you like the pictures, thank you! At my Sally they had the rings on the bottles like they are shown in my picture. I never saw such a sign when I was there, but I wasn't paying a ton of attention. One ring came with each polish, but I know Sally's isn't famous for its policy consistency. The manager who checked me out *did* mention they may move the rings behind the counter to prevent theft, though. I hope you can get a hold of them!

    2. So far none of the Sally's I've checked within a two hour radius of my place have ANY of these cute rings, I really want either the turtle or the blue lady bug/scarab one(s) so hoping that they get them soon! I really have enjoyed seeing your photos of these! I love the FingerPaints flakies they did last year, I got all but one of those. :D Thanks again! :D

  2. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Grape Going is a very good dupe of Scrangie 1.0 (since there's now a new RBL Scrangie, completely different color, v 2.0).


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