24 February 2013

Sinful Colors Almost Famous Collection Swatches (Spring 2013)

So while Walgreen's had their Sinful Colors $1 off coupon going, I may have gone a little wild. But when you're talking $1 polishes, can you blame me? I picked up almost all of the Sugar Rush Collection as well as the Almost Famous (edit: or Paparazzi, as the collection is called in Rite Aid) collection. This collection is full of fun glitters,  which is what I'm showing today.

Sinful Colors Poparazzi swatch

Sinful Colors Poparazzi is a dense fuchsia glitter in a clear base. Super cute and totally opaque in three coats.

Sinful Colors Star Dust swatch

Sinful Colors Star Dust is an awesome mix of purple and fuchsia glitter in a lightly tinted purple base. I had been hoping this would be opaque on its own, but I needed to layer it over something because it was't quite dense enough. I used China Glaze First Class ticket for this swatch.

Sinful Colors Lush Life swatch

Sinful Colors Lush Life is a teal multi-sized hex glitter in a clear base. This one isn't very dense and needed to be swatched over something. I layered it over Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing for this picture.

Sinful Colors After Party swatch

Sinful Colors After Party is a bright blue multi-sized glitter in a clear base. Again, not dense and I layered it over Sinful Colors Candy Coated for this swatch. Had I been thinking I would've used Sweet Nothing for this to show the difference between After Pary and Lush Life! Please accept this bottle shot instead!

Lush Life and After Party bottle shot

After Party is on the left and Lush Life is on the right.

Sinful Colors Showstopping swatch

Sinful Colors Show Stopping is a mix of pale pink and holographic glitter in a clear base. I was hoping this would be a dupe for OPI Teenage Dream but that appears to have a pink tinted base. Oh well!

Sinful Colors Showstopping and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Strobe Light comparison swatch

Show Stopping was, however, very close to Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Strobe Light. This comparison shot shows that the two are almost identical. Strobe Light has some finer glitter particles and is a bit more dense.

Sinful Colors Fantasy swatch

The next two polishes are hard to describe. Sinful Colors Fantasy features one size of multi-colored hex glitter in a base super dense with micro-glitter and some shimmer. It would be awesome layered over something, but I built it up to near opacity in three coats for this swatch.

Sinful Colors In The Spotlight swatch

Sinful Colors In The Spotlight features the same glitter as Fantasy, but it also has a ton of green shimmer that give it more of a green cast verses Fantasy's almost pink hue.

Sinful Colors Bombshell swatch

From looking at the bottle, Sinful Colors Bombshell looked like it would have a similar finish to Fantasy and In The Spotlight, but it is far less dense and seems to only have the shimmery base verses the micro glitter. This is the same three coats as the other two, but is obviously not nearly as opaque.


  1. I think fantasy is definitely my favorite. I may have to get showstopping as well. I love the light pink you put it over.

    1. Thanks, the pink is another Sinful Color called "Easy Going". I believe it's core!

    2. Easy Going is definitely core, I picked it up during the last sale!

  2. Your swatches are beautiful, great job covering the Almost Famous/Paparazzi collection!!

    I wanted to let everyone know that Show Stopping is also very similar to Jordana Fairy Dust, but the Jordana is slightly tinted and has a different size glitters. I skipped most of the colors in this Sinful collection because the ones I was interested in seemed too much like the Jordana glitters I already own.

    1. Thank you so much!

      And that's good to know about Jordana! Maybe it's even closer to OPI Teenage Dream?

    2. Yup, it's supposed to be a dupe, as is Milani Pink Flare.


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